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Safety plays a major role in the ongoing daily operations of Accurate Framing Systems. A Safety Program has been implemented for all staff and field workers. Our goal is to have a “Zero Accident” site.

Accurate Framing Systems is dedicated to the continuos safety of our workers. This is accomplished by taking a “Pro-Active” policy in training and hiring skilled workers within our trade.

We are very proud of our safety methods we have created to assure that each employee has a safe and healthful place to work.  Safety is a fundamental and enduring commitment. It’s not a checklist. It’s a value, a value that stays constant.  While we utilize all the modern tools of the trade, we continue to honor the traditional values of hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors.

We have established a reputation for consistent high quality, integrity, and knowledge in construction. Our earned reputation has provided us with new and repeat business for which we do not take for granted. We are unwilling to compromise our reputation or our clients’ interests by delivering less than superior building standards which are applied to all projects, large and small.

Safety Training & Certification Programs
Our employees have weekly tailgate meetings to discuss safety issues specific to their jobsite and general common sense situations. We have written topics available and hot topics such as weather related safety, recent change in project site conditions or job descriptions.

We have an in-house forklift certification program. An instruction lesson, hands on practice and a certificate that requires recurrent certification.

CPR, OSHA First Aid Training Available to all Employees. Additional continuing education is also available through Union Programs.

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